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Introducing KitCheck!

When it comes to first aid kits, Kitcheck changes your life. Nothing else comes close.


Whatever system you currently use to maintain first aid kits, Kitcheck’s ultimate user-friendliness will make things much, much easier. Guaranteed.


Kitcheck’s clever reporting functionality helps ensure that your organisation can identify trends and implement action to enhance efficiency & compliance.


No more paying third party providers to perform your site checks, or higher stock prices. And Kitcheck’s friendly fixed $5.50 freight saves you even more.


When restocking or adding items to your first aid kits, use Kitcheck’s photo album of every product your kit carries. Find what you need at a glance.


You can set up Kitcheck easily to give you reminders when restocks are due, and automatically generated order forms make the whole process a breeze.


After your free Kitcheck trial, you can choose from a flexible range of monthly, quarterly or annual payment terms “on account” – no need for a credit card here.

New Defibrillator Management System

  • track expiry dates of Batteries & Pads
  • reminder emails for expiry
  • 1 click reordering of batteries & Pads

Join now & get a free 30 day trial with no credit card details required.

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We are helping to manage 841 first aid kits!

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Kitcheck has been designed to be as easy, fast & friendly as it’s possible to be.

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